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Our laser engraving materials: choice and quality

Year after year, Gravotech has developed specific engraving materials for laser engraving and cutting. Discover the materials you will be happy to work with day after day.

Laser engraving materials

Wide range of Gravotech’s materials

With more than 10 ranges of materials specially designed for laser engraving and cutting, find the product you need, or let our team advise you!

Gravotech warehouse with our laser engraving materials

For your urgent needs, most of our materials are in stock. Feel free to place your order today!

Materials with high quality requirement

Synonymous with quality and considered as a reference for competitors to match, our laser materials have been developed to the strictest requirements in the field of engraving (flatness, colors, composition, etc.) for a high-quality result.

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Gravotech’s plastics materials ideal for signage

Our Plastics

Laser materials

Optimize your work

Gravoply™ Laser, Gravoply™ Ultra, Flexilase™, Gravotac™ with hundreds of options of laserable plastics to choose from according to your needs. We pay attention to the quality of our plastics so that it is pleasant and efficient for you to work with them on your laser machine. To help you start engraving as soon as you receive your laser engraving plastic, the engraving parameters are registered in GravoStyle™. Architectural signage, industrial signage, tactile signage and Braille, identification plates, more or less flexible labels, bar codes, stamps, trophy plates, badges, whatever your application, we have the material you need! All our laser materials are also compatible with digital printing.

Our acrylics materials mosaic creation

Our Acrylics

Laser materials

Design and creativity

With laserable acrylic materials like Gravoglas™ 1 or Acrylic, Gravotech provides an selection of vivid colors. Gravoglas™ 1 has been developed for subsurface laser engraving, you can then fill the engraving with Gravolaque paint to personalize your signs. Resistant to UV and chemical agents, easy to clean, this material is a very good choice for your exterior professional plates. For more creativity, the Acrylic range has also been designed for laser cutting to create your visual communication, displays, gifts, promotional items, trophies and award, models. Very resistant and transparent, clear Acrylic gives a real alternative to glass. Clear, opaque, frosted, fluorescent, plus a selection of colors and finishes for endless creations!

Gravotech’s metallics material with high-end finish

Our Metallics

Laser materials

A high-end metallic finish

Looking for a laserable metal? Choose from a selection of aluminum and plastic with a metallic look. We propose several finishes: matt, glossy or brushed. Get a very black engraving with Gravolase™ Metallics, Gravostral™ and AlumaMark®. Gravoxal™ natural aluminum is available from 0,5 mm (.02’’) to 4 mm (1/6’’) to answer needs. Other colors are excellent for lasering, with an excellent contrast of a silver color. You can also personalize the engraving color thanks to the Gravolaque paint. Professional signage, badges, trophies and award plates, front panels, labels, bar codes, we have a material for your application! And for harsh environment, DuraBlack® is the most resistant aluminum.

Laser Wood materials signage

Our Wood

Laser materials

Better for nature, better for you

Laser Wood is an all-natural engravable wood product developed by Gravotech. Available in beech, oak, walnut, and also birch from forests managed and controlled by PEFC™ (The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). PEFC™ is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management and preservation. Because of this, we can assure you that when you purchase Laser Wood birch, you will receive an environmentally friendly material, free of chemical components. This natural and attractive wood is perfect for indoor signage, architectural models, gifts, and any creative application.