Gravotech - IS200 rotary engraving machine


IS200: Small signage and traceability engraving machine
This industrial engraving machine has been a classic for more than 15 years for small part traceability, label and small signage engraving. The IS200 is compact and portable, perfect for busy workshops and mobile workers.
  • Small traceability machine
    The IS200 engraving machine is designed for workshops and businesses. Its 80x225mm unrestricted working area combined with a 0.2mm flatness tolerance makes it easy to work with oversized items. Easily engrave wood, plastic, and metal with a wide range of spindles available. The IS200s' open structure allows you to mark small parts for traceability. Deep and exact engraving for optimum readability.
  • Compact and quiet machine, suitable for offices
    With a footprint as small as 500x455mm, the IS200 engraving machine is the size of a desk printer. It is fitted with a remarkably quiet DC motorised spindle that will work in your environment. Whether you are a professional sign maker, an administration, or an institution, create on-demand labels, badges, identification signs, instruction plates, and more.
  • Easy to transport engraver
    Thanks to its 20kg weight and its compact dimensions the IS200 is the perfect multi-purpose engraving machine for portability. Take it for on-site demonstrations, fairs, exhibitions, markets, and it will ensure you will be noticed!

Technical Specifications

High engraving precision
Mark characters as small as 0.6mm.

Direct current motorization.

Z-axis travel
15mm, 48mm at the bottom.

Wide range of rotary and diamond engraving tools
Get the exact result you have in mind.

Full range of regulating and suction noses
Engrave on irregular shaped items and add a chip collector.

Engraving accessories available
Add a pen attachment or a GravogripTM table to upgrade your machine possibilities.


Rotary, scribing

Marking Capacity

Marking area max
225 mm (8.858 in) x 80 mm (3.150 in)
Spindle power
20 W
Max object height
30 mm (1.181 in)

Max objects size (L x W x H) (weight)

Unlimited x 140 mm (5,51 in) x 30 mm (1,18 in) (10 kg - 22 lbs)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

500 mm x 455 mm x 295 mm

Machine weight

20 Kg

Z axis auto


80 dB (A) +/- 2

Type of spindle


Point & shoot

Connection to computer


Maximum speed

25 mm/s

Z stroke (Z travel)

15 mm (0,590 in)

Rotation speed

最大17 000 rpm



Tool diameter

4,36 mm

Operating temperature

5 °C - 40 °C

Integrated LCD display screen of IS200

The IS200 engraving machine is equipped with a high-quality LCD screen to ease the use of the machine. Take direct control over the process and set-up your engraving parameters. Save your parameters, start and pause the engraving, set-up the Z ref and more.

IS200 industrial engraving machine

The IS200 machine has proven to be reliable across the years. Whether you need to engrave, mill, or drill, it will get the work done with precision. Do you have large parts to mark? Remove the base and mount the head securely in place to directly engrave on the part.

Gravostyle software

Add the GravostyleTM engraving software to your engraving package to access unlimited possibilities. Use the matrix mode for label engraving and save time, get the traceability module to mark scales and graduations and automatically update serial numbers. Contact us for advice.

Glass, crystal
Wood, varnished wood
PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
Gold, silver, nickel, platinum
Stainless steel​​
= Marking / Etching
= Cutting
= Engraving / Deep marking

IS200: Gravograph best versatile engravers

IS200: the preferred machine for express engravers


Gravograph developed the IS200 in 1994 as the Unica’s big sister, the first engraving machine with no item size restriction due to its open vice. The Gravograph team kept all the Unica’s successful features and added the power of a PC-based software, making it the perfect 21st century engraving machines.

The Gravograph IS200 has been designed as a compact and productive engraving machine for various needs, from small item personalization to medium plate engraving. Its high reliability later inspired the IS400 and IS400 Volume development.

The Gravograph IS200 was chosen at the World Athletics in Paris to engrave all the winners’ medals in live on national TV! The IS200 is perfect for on-site demonstrations, fairs, markets, or great events. 

IS200 - engraver - Gravograph