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Tool identification and industrial marking

Learn more about tool inventory, management and maintenance through industrial marking

Ensuring the seamless identification of your tools and equipment is essential for maintaining quality, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and adhering to industry standards.

Mark batches or individual items with any required information: date, brand, logo, serial number, identifier, or any special code, in text or 2D coded format, directly and permanently onto your equipment, regardless on their material: metal, plastic, organic material…

Simplify your inventories, reduce expenses, prevent tool theft, and track their use and return with a simple tool traceability system.

Gravotech assists you in implementing a powerful and easy-to-use tool and equipment traceability system, utilizing either a laser marking machine or a dot-peen marking machine.

Discover Gravotech identification marking machines

Our laser marking stations can safely and quickly meet your tool identification needs. The class 1 enclosure prevents the operator's exposure to laser radiation, fumes, and particles.

These machines can quickly mark many metal tools, bits, or plastic handles with an identifying code or text while maintaining the operator secure

Depending on the size and number of tools to identify our machines can mark several parts at a time. Laser marking is precise and fast, and associated with an exhaust system, the workspace stays clean of dust and particles.

Discover our mechanical marking machines for tool identification. Easy to use and configure, dot peen technology can mark texts, some logos and 2D datamatrix codes, while rotary can aesthetically mark alphanumerical characters and logos.

They are capable of quick and deep markings of a broad range of metals and every plastic. From tool bits to handles.

The depth of the identification marking made with a dot peen or rotary machine increases its resistance to tampers. This prevents tool theft, and misplacement, as the identification code or text stays for a long time.

Tool maintenance & organization

Identifying industrial tools, such as mining drill bits or cutting tools of various sizes, is essential for organizing an effective tool maintenance process and ensuring streamlined operations.

Industrial marking of your tools should allow for clear and direct identification of each item without causing damage, even on the toughest materials used for drill bits.

We highly recommend using a laser marking machine for industrial tool identification. Laser marking offers excellent contrast on materials like carbide and high-speed steel. Additionally, with titanium coating, we can achieve a black marking without compromising the protective coating.

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Marking tools for identification

Ensure a reliable inventory, streamline tool maintenance, and reduce tool theft through traceability on your handheld tools. 

Easily identify your wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, handsaws, and more. Achieve direct identification marking on your tools without damaging them using either a laser, a dot peen or rotary marking machine.

All our industrial marking solutions are user-friendly and capable of marking texts, numbers, and codes such as barcodes and 2D codes on small to large handheld tools. Ideal for low to medium quantities.

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Identification of tools with datamatrix marking

Our identification marking machines offer easy identification with automatic data generation and user-friendly software. The direct part marking technology helps you reducing costs, as no consumable is required.

  • Dot-peen marking machine
    Our Impact dot peen marking machine suits low to medium volume production, offering an optimal balance between cycle time, depth, and budget. Available in pneumatic or electromagnetic version, it is ideal for marking durable alphanumeric texts on small tools.
  • Rotary marking machines
    The IS400 rotary marking enables precise and aesthetic identification on many metals and plastics. Mark deep letters, numbers, logos or pictograms on large or small tools thanks to the cutter.
  • Laser stations
    Our laser marking machines are crafted for enhanced productivity and ROI across industrial applications, from unit identification marking to high-paced production. Various laser sources are available to suit diverse materials and applications.
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Data Matrix code reading camera embedded in the laser