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Trophies & Awards - Personnalization

How to create personalized trophies and medals

Celebrating an achievement or recognizing a performance, whether it's physical or intellectual, deserves to be commemorated with a tangible memento. Engrave your clients' accomplishments on trophies, cups, medals, plaques, or any reward, and offer them the embodiment of their success!
Personalizing trophies or engraving medals is a popular trend that significantly enhances their emotional value, while allowing you to increase your profit margins.

There are two ways to personalize a trophy:

  • Beginners: engrave and cut custom labels to fix onto a blank trophy or award.
  • Experienced engravers: engrave the award surface using an engraving machine.

Trophy engraving: what solutions?

Our LS100 and LS900 laser tables are versatile trophy laser engraving machines capable of engraving and cutting adhesive labels as well as directly personalizing trophies. Their CO2 laser source is highly efficient in engraving most organic materials such as wood, glass, plastic, or stone.

These trophy laser engraving machines combine engraving speed and the ability to create matrix labels. They are the best option for engravers looking for productivity. Our laser machines are also ideal for personalized wooden or plastic medals and gifts creators, allowing them to cut and engrave with the same machine.

Our WeLase laser station is a standout choice for boutiques or events such as markets, trade shows, and pop-up stores. It is fast, elegant and easy to transport. WeLase is suitable for unit engraving of labels and medals.

Several options are available to create trophy labels:

  • For plastic labels with a metallic look: Gravolase™ Metallics is the ideal material for laser engraving and cutting of cost-effective metallic labels. If you have a mechanical engraving machine, Metallex™ is the dedicated equivalent for mechanical engraving.
  • For thin labels with an adhesive back: Flexilase™ is a flexible plastic material available in metallic or plain color finishes. Compatible with laser machines only.
  • For genuine metal labels: Gravometall™ allows you to create brass plaques with an authentic look, adding significant value to the trophy. Compatible with mechanical engraving machines only.


Trophy label engraving and cutting

Are you looking to diversify your business by providing your customers with personalized trophies and awards? Engraving and cutting trophy labels is the best way to start! Engraving on a flat surface is easier than personalizing a trophy, which may have a curved or irregular surface. Labels, badges and pins can be engraved individually and in advance with your trophy plate engraving machine. If an error is made in the engraving, all you have to do is to replace the trophy or gift label.

Gravolase™ Metallics - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Engraving and cutting custom plaques and labels to be placed on a blank trophy is common and easy.

Simply design your template, dimensions, and label shape on your software, then launch the engraving and cutting process on your laser or mechanical trophy engraving machine.

Plain color or metallic finish, plastic or brass... Gravotech offers a wide range of engraving materials dedicated to the trophy labels and awards creation.

Gravolase™ Metallics - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Are you looking to produce labels on a large scale? Do you offer an online trophy personalization and medal engraving service?

Semi-automatically engrave your labels in series thanks to the Matrix function of our laser tables, and significantly increase your productivity.
Our software links your ERP system to your trophy plate engraving machine.

All you have to do left is to launch the production!

Flexilase™ - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

You need a large quantity of labels; contact our Cut-to-Size service and eliminate the hassle of cutting your own!

We create blank labels according to your specifications: format, material, finishes... All you have to do left is personalize them.

Combine our Cut-to-Size service with our Welase laser station for maximum productivity and create a buzz by offering personalized trophies and awards in seconds, right in front of your customers eyes.

Award and trophy engraving

If you are familiar with the world of engraving or wish to make it your main activity, directly engraving medals, trophies, awards or any other item adds real value and provides a superior impression of quality.

Trophy Brass - Engraving material - Gravograph

The trophy material and the result you are looking for will influence the choice of engraving technology.

rophy laser engraving machines are more indicated for wooden and acrylic trophies and awards engraving, while mechanical trophy engraving machines are preferred for glass and metal trophies.

When engraving glass trophies and awards, we recommend the use of a diamond tip to achieve a fine, elegant, and authentic engraving.

Gravotech - Stainless steel engraving

Engrave curved and cylindrical cups and awards along their entire length using a rotary device. The trophy engraving is clean, precise, and of equal depth up to 360°. Offer your clients the Wow effect of a professional-quality trophy!

Close up of a glass engraving filled with gold gilding wax

Mechanical engravings sometimes lack contrast on glass or metal.

Use engraving paint or gilding wax to add color to your mechanical engravings and elevate the allure of your creations! Numerous colors are available.

WeLase custom laser engraving

Make it special

Offer trophy and medal engraving on-site

Make a lasting impression by going to sports events such as football tournaments, and offering personalized trophies, medals and awards!

Our WeLase laser station is a fast and portable engraving machine. Its three glass sides allow your customers to watch their trophy or medal engraving in real-time. A wonderful way to celebrate their achievement of the day, and a customer experience that will be remembered!

Complete the medal or trophy engraving process in 3 simple steps and optimize your productivity by combining WeLase with our Cut-to-Size service and ABC engraving software.