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Print & Cut

Combine UV printing and laser cutting to create personalized rigid media

The Print & Cut combines 2 technologies: UV printing and laser cuttingCut any shape around a UV-printed design on a rigid and durable support such as an engraving material or flexible materials, especially for the textile market, to complement DTF printing technology.

Create highly personalized and premium signage, objects and clothing pieces. Print & Cut is a powerful feature in the signage field, enabling you to produce any type of creative signage, from small indoor signs for offices to outdoor store signs and POP displays. It's also a highly recommended solution in the world of object personalization and creation, such as personalized or corporate gifts, goodies and even trophies and awards.

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The Print & Cut function is also available on our CNC tables in semi-automatic mode. This is the ideal solution for using it on materials that are not compatible with CO2 laser cutting, such as metals and PVC.

CNC cutting is especially recommended for Dibond printed media, such as assembled models or large-format photographic printing. This will ensure high-quality rendering and long-term durability.

We offer an extensive range of engraving materials compatible with UV printing.

We recommend using our Acrylic range for high-end results, especially when transparency is desired.

Our Laser Wood is suitable for indoor only use but provides an interesting effect thanks to the wood grain.

Finally, our Ecocut ranges are the perfect low-budget answer for UV printing application.

Pro tip: Explore our entire selection of engraving materials in our online catalog, and easily identify those compatible with UV printing  by looking for the “UV printing” symbol.

UV printing & laser cutting

This technology is widely used in the sign-making, object personalization and object crafting sectors.

UV printing, or ultraviolet printing, is a modern printing technology that involves the use of ultraviolet light to cure inks and coatings during the printing process. This significantly reduces drying time, enabling a faster production pace.


UV printing can be used on a wide range of materials and items, including 3D objects.

UV-printed media boasts vibrant colors and high resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use with minimal discoloration.

UV Printing on acrylic

Even if CNC tables can perform Print & Cut operations, laser technology is the most widespread in the sign-making and personalized object markets.

Laser technology employs a powerful and precise beam of light to effortlessly engrave and cut nearly any material in curved or straight shapes. Laser engraving over the UV printing opens up new graphic possibilities, as well as the opportunity to personalize your product at the same time as cutting without additional handling.


The speed and precision of a laser cutter ensure a streamlined production process, enabling faster turnaround times for your projects. The non-contact process eliminates the need to maintain the piece and minimizes material distortion.


The nesting mode allows you to cut multiple shapes at once and reduces the use of material.

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LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine

Which applications with Print & Cut?

The Print & Cut sign solution is ideal to create all kinds of custom signage:

  • Small indoor signage: office plates, name tags, door plates…
  • Outdoor signage: business signs, informational or directional signage…
  • POS and POP: acrylic displays, card or flyer holders, standalone carboard structures…
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Gravoglas™ 2-plex™ Subsurface - Engraving material - Gravograph

Develop your creativity and offer your customers a variety of small printed and cut-out objects such as :

  • corporate products: key rings, notebooks, desk organizers
  • goodies: phone holders, magnets, travel tags...
  • gifts for annual events such as birthdays, celebrations and special occasions
  • decorations: like Christmas hangers or photo frames...
  • or even wooden toys for children
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Laser Wood - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Print & Cut is an excellent option for creating small to medium-sized trophies and awards.

Use our Acrylic range for a glass-like effect. UV printing on acrylic enhances contrast and creates a "wow" effect.

Our Laser Wood materials provide a modern and original result.

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Which benefits of using Print & Cut?

The Print & Cut technology combination offers a vast array of applications:

  • Indoor & outdoor signage
  • Fully personalized POS & POP displays
  • Customized gifts
  • Promotional items
  • Trophies & awards...

Experiment with textures, sizes, colors, and transparency to craft any small to medium-sized items.

Whether you are designing eye-catching signage or crafting personalized gifts, Print & Cut empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

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Customized plastic card holder

UV printing and laser cutting are two advanced technologies employed by the most experienced professionals.

Laser cutting produces clean and precise cuts, even for intricate curved designs as it is a contactless technology.

UV printing results in vibrant colors, a smooth and durable surface, and delivers high-quality, precise prints.

The results are stunning and meet the highest standards of excellence.

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Print & Cut postcard Laser Wood

Our Print & Cut solution facilitates rapid and high-quality product creation.


The materials typically used are often plastic-based and offer affordability.


Precise marker placement enables an accurate cutting process, minimizing material waste, allowing you to offer your customers competitive prices while maintaining a comfortable profit margin.

Also, our laser cutters operate at remarkable speeds, reaching up to 4m/sec. This makes them perfect for managing high-volume orders or accommodating last-minute requests.

With our comprehensive solution, all that remains for you is to assemble your product and deliver it to your customers promptly!

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Acrylic UV priting

Print & Cut Gravotech function

Print & Cut technical goals

Gravotech's Print & Cut function recognizes and perfectly places a cut line over your print while correcting any imperfections.

Gravotech's Print & Cut function will correct the position (A), rotation (B) and scale (C) of your cut line in the Gravostyle™ software compared to your real print.

It will also allow you to correct any slight distortions (D) resulting from the printing process.

The 4 simple steps of the function

The Print & Cut function is available in its semi-automatic version (manual alignment using a red pointer) as standard on all our laser tables.

As an option, our LS900 can be upgraded to automatic mode: in this case, the machine is equipped with a camera that enables the software to recognize markers fully automatically, without manual intervention.

Print & Cut Design step

1 - Create your design

Design your creation using your graphic software.

Print & Cut Print step

2 - Print

Print your design onto a rigid material sheet.

Print & Cut Locate step

3 - Locate

Verify the red dot pointer alignment with the printed markers.

UV Printing on acrylic

4 - Cut

Let your machine cut and get your final printed item.

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