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Our engraving materials: choice and resistance

With leading products on the rotary engraving market, Gravotech offers you a complete solution, in line with your current needs.

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The composition of our engraving plastic sheets makes high-quality materials for rotary engraving and cutting, with perfect deep engraving and resistant to scratches and daily use. Consequently, these materials are excellent for any industrial sign, security pictograms, directories, badges, key rings, tokens, small plates, permanent labels, pipe and valve identification labels, electrical plates, tags and so on.

Gravoply™ 1 is known for its resistance and its unique satin finish, whereas Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™ is available in matte, glossy or even textured for a much more resistant surface for industrial environment. Gravoply™ 3C is the first 3 layers material on the market allowing to get 3 colors with no paint filling for quick work.

For trophy and awards plates, ornamental plates or indoor signage, Metallex™ is the metallic plastic you need. Lighter and less expensive than brass or aluminum, this plastic which looks like metal is a best seller. If you prefer to work with anodized aluminum plates or brass plaques, we offer many.

Gravoxal™ is available in large size, ideal for indoor and outdoor big signs or front panels. Colored Aluminum is quite thin and more adapted to small plates and trophy plates. Among the brass offer, we propose Gravobrass™, a luxurious brass for high-quality signage and company nameplates, and Gravometall™ for indoor signs or brass plaques. Choose the metallic material according to your specifications or contact us and we will be happy to help you to choose!

Our phenolic engraving materials are double-sided sheets made with a core and a contrast color on both sides, which does not require any color paint fill after engraving.

Thanks to its specific characteristics, Gravostrat™ is the right choice for all your industrial identification needs and safety signs. This rigid material is resistant to chemical and solvents, non-flammable and electrically non-conductive. We have selected the most common colors used for these specific applications.

Gravostral™ is another phenolic material, with an aluminum surface on both sides. Dedicated to professional plates and signage, it offers the advantages of aluminum without the inconvenience.

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Engraving materials

Materials specialized for rotary engraving machine

Gravoply™ 1, Gravoglas™2-Plex™, Gravoply™ 2, Gravofoil™. Our engraving materials have been used all over the world for many years, renown for its deep and attractive engraving.

Specialised offer for rotary materials

Signage, industrial plates, badges, pipes and valves identification, labels, machine plates. If you have specific requirements in term of scratch resistance, UV stability or temperature, try our engravable plastics!

Wide range of colours

In addition to the many colors available on stock, we can develop custom colors according to your specifications. An endless choice for thousands of combinations!