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[Success Story] Aluplex Signalétique: speed and quality for high volume production

Aluplex Signalétique:

"Signage from A to Z"

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Based in Rambouillet in the south of the Yvelines, Aluplex Signalétique is one of France's leading signage companies. For almost 45 years, it has been designing, manufacturing and installing signage of all kinds. They operates throughout France.



The company in figures

Creation date 1978
Number of employees 17
Start date of collaboration with Gravotech Since 1984
Number of Gravotech machines installed 15
Number of orders per year +10 000

The strength of the company's services lies in their diversity of applications: on the technical side, standards, industrial and name signage markets. Specializing in laser and mechanical engraving, Aluplex Signalétique also offers digital printing. It produces a multitude of formats, mainly for:


  • Manufacturers - personalized labels, engraved or standardized plates, identification tokens, etc;
  • Residential - building or flat numbers, door signs, letterbox labels, etc.

Its customers are mainly building professionals, property developers and landlords.

The challenges facing Aluplex Signalétique

Aluplex Signalétique - identification tokens

1st challenge: growing demand...

Since the start of its activity, Aluplex Signalétique has faced a growing demand. Today, its teams handle over 10,000 engraving orders every year. This includes, for example, 150,000 tokens and just as many labels...

This raises a number of issues:


  • Modernization - the mechanical engraving machines with which the company had started out with could no longer meet its new production requirements
  • Replenishment - the company must be able to benefit from fast, regular deliveries of large quantities of engraving materials.

In short, Aluplex Signalétique must be able to produce quickly and with a consistent quality.

Aluplex Signalétique - identification labels

2nd challenge: multifaceted demand

Orders vary greatly depending on the type of customer: quantities, formats, requirements, etc. Aluplex Signalétique needed engraving machines that could meet a wide range of needs.

Yannick TORCHEUX, managing director of Aluplex Signalétique


"Good signage must be durable, harmonious, visible and adaptable."

Yannick TORCHEUX, Managing Director of Aluplex Signalétique


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Solutions offered by Gravotech

Gravotech has made its mark on the industrial engraving market thanks to two strengths:

  • A wide, diversified range of machines made in France;
  • Rapid replenishment of engraving material guaranteed.

We can therefore meet the needs of Aluplex Signalétique.  

Machines and materials adapted to all types of signage

For 20 years, Gravotech has been Aluplex Signalétique's exclusive supplier of engraving machines, both laser and mechanical. Each machine has its own specific advantages, enabling the teams to choose the most suitable one according to their needs. For example, one machine may be faster than the others, but unable to work on large surfaces. Another may provide a neat finish with bevelled edges.

Focus on machines

Aluplex Signalétique currently works with 15 Gravotech machines (mechanical and laser combined). Discover some of these models.

ISx000 large format CNC engraving machine.


Large-format CNC machining and engraving machines

  • 3 versions of the machine, for 3 open work surfaces to accommodate large sheets of material: IS6000, IS7000, IS8000.
  • Compatible with over 20 materials for cutting and engraving:

    - organic materials (wood, stone, etc.) ;

    - plastics (two-layer, acrylic, foam, etc.) ;

    - certain metals (aluminium, brass, steel, etc.).

  • Numerous optional accessories: ADA-compliant Braille solution, chip collector, lubrication system, tool loader kit, industrial vices and cylinder turner. 
Discover the ISx000 range
LS900 co2 fiber laser


Large format laser cutting and engraving machine

  • A choice of 3 laser sources:
    - Fiber - for non-cutting marking of metals and plastics;
    - CO2 - for organic and mineral materials;
    - Edge - combines fiber and CO2 sources.
  • Compatible with over 25 materials, depending on the laser source chosen: 
    - marking and cutting (leather, wood, foam, various plastics...) ;
    - marking only (glass, marble, stone, various metals...).
  • Optional rotary device for engraving cylindrical parts. 
Discover the LS900
Aluplex Signalétique - engraving materials stocks

Focus on materials

Gravoply™ laser: the high-performance multi-application engraving material

Aluplex Signalétique mainly uses Gravoply™ Laser engraving material. Its French manufacture guarantees its quality and availability.  

A single product to meet all your needs with unified laser parameters to boost productivity!

  • Engraving and cutting material.
  • Thicknesses from 0.8 mm (1/32") to 3.2 mm (1/8") to suit all media.
  • 0.025 mm (.001") surface layer for detailed engraving.
  • UV-resistant. Ideal for indoor and/or outdoor signage.
  • Over 25 standard color combinations and 80 custom combinations on request
Discover Gravoply™ Laser
Yannick TORCHEUX, managing director of Aluplex Signalétique


"The fact that we manufacture in France is very important to us.  It means we can restock much more quickly and provide a reliable, versatile service.  In the current economic climate, this is essential!"

Yannick TORCHEUX, Managing Director of Aluplex Signalétique


Watch the full video testimonial:

Aluplex Signalétique and Gravotech: a lasting partnership

Aluplex Signalétique was looking for quality engraving solutions to support its activities. Gravotech was able to meet these needs thanks to a versatile offer and precise, reliable engraving machines.

The two companies also share common commitments:

  • customer satisfaction (quality, speed and reliability) ;
  • innovation.

The result is a solid, long-term business relationship that has already lasted for over 30 years.

Aude ESCURIOLA - Sales engineer at Gravotech


"We have had the privilege of working with Aluplex Signalétique for over 30 years, building a valuable relationship. Their loyalty and our ability to find the best solution to meet their expectations are the keys to our mutual success." 

Aude ESCURIOLA, Sales Engineer at Gravotech


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