High speed co2 laser engraver


LS100: CO2 laser engraver for signage, creative cutting, and personalization.
The LS100 is an easy to operate and compact laser engraver to cut and mark a wide range of materials. With its premium build, low maintenance and dedicated software, this small laser etching machine is the solution to be trusted for any application.
  • Single work environment
    LS100 is a premium solution, it is the only gantry laser on the market made of one-piece aluminum chassis, that includes multi-technology professional CAD/CAM software and an RF laser source.
  • The swiss army knife of lasers
    LS100 is a silent and compact laser engraver adaptable to industrial, commercial and office settings. Engrave glass, create plastic labels, shape acrylic, wood, cut, mark, and define folding lines on paper: this laser cutting and engraving machine can adapt to your every need.
  • Easy workflow
    One by one or by batches, the LS100 improves your productivity thanks to time-savings features: automatic touch sensing, embedded control dashboard and backlit marking table with a wide front-loading door.


Technical Specifications

Integrated air compressor to keep the lens clean and ensure high-quality engraving results.
Protect the focal lens by pushing the fumes towards the exhaust area and reduce flaming when cutting.
This also increases the life span of lenses and creates safer working conditions for the user.

Autofocus: automatic vertical adjustment

Embedded dashboard allows modifying the job and fine-tune the settings.

Dedicated software

  • Point and shoot: Easy positioning and job set-up.
  • Print and cut: precisely cut printed products, without the need for additional materials.
  • Multi-technology software, allowing to centralize designs settings, experience, and knowledge into a single work environment.


Source laser
Available power version
25W - 30W - 40W - 60W

Marking Capacity

Marking area max (l x w)
460 mm (18.110 in) x 305 mm (12.008 in)
Available lenses (in)
1.5'' - 2.0'' - 2.5'' - 3.5'' - 4.0''
Max object height
145 mm (5.709 in)



Max object weight

15 kg (33.069 lb)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

775 mm (30.512 in) x 725 mm (28.543 in) x 450 mm (17.717 in)

Machine weight

43 kg (94.799 lb)

Z axis auto

145 mm (5.709 in)


≤ 70

Point & shoot


Connection to computer


Maximum speed

2540 mm/s (100.000 in/s)

Laser Safety Classification

CDRH: Class 2

Beam diameter

0.1 mm (0,004 in) to 0.4mm (0,016 in)



Operating temperature

10 °C (50 °F) - 35 °C (95 °F)

LS100 with its exhaust system

The LS100 is automated, silent and space-efficient. No bulky and loud separate blower or compressor, the exhaust and air assist are integrated and triggered automatically. Place the items into the well-lit cabinet and front-loading door and let the laser detect their height for accurate positioning. All lasering parameters are saved in a material library for increased productivity.

Unique softwares for mechanical and laser engraving machines

The LS100 is available with Gravostyle, our unique dedicated software: create and edit designs, vectorized logos and pictures, use specific fonts in every languages and alphabet, compose in Matrix mode. This software is also an advanced piloting tool for your LS100. This CO2 laser engraver can also be used with third party software.

Budget-Friendly CO2 laser engraving machine

The LS100 is the only premium gantry laser etching machine with this size. It also exists in the Energy version, an alternative for first-time buyers or those on a reduced budget It uses a different laser source that ensures the same cutting quality but with a slight reduction in engraving quality. This option is only available at Gravotech.

This laser engraver can handle more than 30 materials

Electrical and medical ceramic
Glass, crystal
Paper​​, cardboard, cork
Stone​, granite​, marble
Wood, varnished wood
PMMA, Acrylic
Anodized Aluminum​​
Coated metal
= Marking / Etching
= Engraving / Deep marking
= Cutting

Associated Products

    LS100: Gravograph first lasers

    LS100: The first laser machine by Gravograph


    Gravograph, our historical brand dedicated to personalization and signage, started to develop its fleet of laser machines in the late 1990s.

    Gravograph's technical team has worked tirelessly to not only master this new laser engraving process but also to create the best possible machine.

    The L-Solution range, developed by Gravograph and launched in 2001, revolutionized the world of laser machines because Gravograph included numerous new functions such as autofocus, automatic safety shutter and many more. The LS100 followed in 2006 with an improved design and engraving and cutting functions.

    The LS100 is a bestseller thanks to the combination of Gravograph heritage and Gravotech's continuous improvements, which make the LS100 one of the strongest, most reliable and most durable laser machines on the market.

    LS100 - CO2 laser engraver - Gravograph