Personalized whisky bottle

Wine and spirit bottle engraving

Discover how to create custom engraved liquor bottles and wine bottles.

Event agencies, wine merchants, prestigious houses, wine and spirits producers: are you looking to create a memorable customer experience or implement a customization strategy for a specific clientele?

Personalized engraving can add elegance and distinction to your bottles, packaging, accessories and gifts. A personalized bottle becomes more than just a container: it becomes a rare and invaluable object, an emotion to be cherished and displayed at home.

Our bottle engraving machines can customize not only your glass bottles but also labels, corks, packaging, or a plate with a message to be affixed to the packaging.

Explore our laser and mechanical customization solutions for wine and spirits, that ensure precise and durable engraving that won't fade with washing. 

What solutions for custom engraved liquor bottles and wine bottles?

Our mechanical wine, champagne and whiskey bottle engraving stations are able to engrave bottles, glasses, and metallic accessories such as champagne buckets or box labels. The rotary device provides the ability to engrave flat or curved surfaces.

These compact mechanical machines will easily fit into a backroom or workshop. They are particularly recommended for unit engraving.

The expert tip: highlight your whisky or champagne bottle engravings with our gilding wax, available in gold and silver. 

The WeLase™ laser engraving station is perfect for quick unit engraving. Its three glass sides allow your customers to witness their special message engraving process live.

It is recommended for creating small custom engraved liquor bottles and for flat engraving on glasses, flasks, and small accessories.

The WeLase is a portable laser machine: bring it to events and create an unforgettable buzz! 

Glass bottle laser and mechanical engraving

Bottle of champagne engraved with co2 laser machine

Glass laser engraving

Creating a whiskey or champagne bottle engraving with a laser is very fast as the material absorbs the laser beam without heating up or damaging its content.

The result of laser engraving is polished, resembling a sandblasting effect.

Several techniques exist to achieve high-quality laser engraving on a wide range of glass and crystal products: 

  • The most common method involves placing a wet paper on the surface before engraving to lower the temperature on the glass surface and prevent splinters. 
  • Gravotech recommends using the Halftone mode in the Gravostyle™ software. The laser heat is distributed more evenly, thus avoiding overheating points that could cause splinters. This mode eliminates the need for wet paper when proceeding to a wine, champagne or whiskey bottle engraving. 


Laser engraving advantages 

  • CO2 lasers can mark glass, wood, cork, leather, and generally all organic materials (paper, cardboard, etc.), allowing a single laser to offer multiple customization possibilities without the need for a second machine. 

  • The laser beam is 0.1mm wide, enabling high-precision engraving. This makes it easy to engrave special designs on objects with complex shapes

  • During laser engraving, there is no need to securely hold the piece, as the engraving is done without contact. Therefore, there is no risk of damaging the item or the tool with incorrect machine settings. 

Wine bottle engraving with rotary engraving machine

Glass mechanical engraving

When using a mechanical wine bottle engraving machine, there is no risk of breaking the bottle or glass as the machine pressure is adjusted accordingly. 

The use of engraving gel helps prevent glass splinters and extends the life of your tools. 

The engraving result is white. As a groove is carved in the glass by the diamond tip, mechanical engraving gives a handmade appearance to the personalized gift. It is particularly well-suited for stroke fonts or unfilled logos. Combine mechanical engraving with Gravotech gilding wax on your custom engraved liquor bottles to enhance the elegance of the engraving. 


Mechanical engraving advantages

  • As the engraving is carved, it is possible to add color with gilding wax to enhance the engraving and achieve an elegant finish on the engraved gift. 

  • Mechanical engraving technology provides an authentic appearance to personalized bottles and accessories. 

  • Mechanical engraving machines are versatile tools that can engrave various materials, eliminating the need for multiple machines. 

  • The engraving process becomes part of the customer experience. The viewer sees the engraving appear before their eyes. 

Grow your business by offering custom engraved items

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Custom glass engraving

Engrave your bottles under any circumstances

In-store, online, during events:

• For wine merchants and producers, offer personalized bottles through in-store engraving and transform your products into memories. You can evoke emotion tied to an event through engraving. 

Online wine and spirits businesses, stand out by allowing your customers to buy custom engraved liquor bottles or wine bottles from your website for events or celebrations. Your bottles become unique and unavailable in competing stores. 

Leave a lasting impression at your events (brand or vintage launches, anniversaries) by offering personalized bottles to your guests. 

Custom glass engraving

Flat or rotary engraving

Our spirit and wine bottle engraving machines can perform flat or rotary engravings.

Customize your packaging, gift boxes, medallions, flasks, and more using the flat engraving mode of our engraving machines.

Engrave your glasses, bottles, champagne buckets, and more with our rotary device accessory, which allows engraving while the bottle is on rotation.

To find the solution that suits you best, below are the technical specifications of the rotary devices depending on our machines. 

Rotary device technical specifications 

  Mechanical Laser
  M40 IS400 IS400 Volume LS100 LS100EX LS900
Max object weight 5kg (11lb) 5kg (11lb) 20kg (44lb)

5kg (11lb)

10kg (22lb)

Min. and Max. diameter 4 - 160 mm (0.16 - 6.30 in) 110 - 350 mm (4.33 - 13.77 in) 2 - 110 mm (0.07 - 4.33 in) or 110 - 350 mm (4.33 - 13.77 in)
(for large cylinder chuck)
3 - 130 mm (0.12 - 5.11 in) 3 - 200 mm (0.12 - 7.87 in)
Max. length 450 mm (17.72 in) 200 mm (7.87 in) 500 mm (19.68 in)

290 mm (11.4 in)

500 mm (19.68 in)

415 mm (16.3 in)

Personalized glass and coaster

Wine and spirit accessories engraving

The versatility of our laser and mechanical bottle engraving machines gives you the ability to easily engrave a variety of accessories related to the world of wine and spirit, such as corkscrews, coasters, and accessory boxes. 

A mechanical machine like the M20 is ideal for unit engraving in a store, backroom, or workshop. Easily expand your product customization offerings for all kinds of events (birthdays and personal events, Father’s Day, Christmas and more) regardless of the material thanks to its versatility. 

Are you an e-commerce reseller? We recommend considering our CO2 laser tables like the LS100, LS100EX, or the LS900, capable of engraving numerous materials in bulk