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The 6 advantages of personalized engraving for your store

The ability to personalize products is an attractive feature to your customers. Jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics... What if you give the opportunity to your customers to engrave their products with a personalization machine?

Product personalization is key to the in-store customer experience

In e-commerce or in a store, you have the possibility to improve the experience for your customers with product personalization. The idea is to offer them unique objects to guarantee their satisfaction.

Engraving corner for retail personalization

Personalized engraving will arouse your customers' emotions

1. Create a unique in-store customer experience

Let your customers make products their own and personalize them to their liking!
Retail personalization create a unique experience by letting the customer witness the engraving of the object.

2. Strengthen customer relations

Satisfying your customers is the first step towards their loyalty: they will come back and will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Personalization adds value to your products and services and creates an unforgettable moment for your customers.

3. Propose a tailor-made offer

The versatility of Gravotech engraving machines allows you to diversify your business and expand your offerings.
Thanks to online previews, users can choose their object and specify what they want to engrave on it (text, illustration, photo…).

Retail personalization for perfume shop

Personalized items stand out from the competition

4. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Personalized engraving is a great way to stand out : your customers share your unique products and promote you on their networks and to their friends.

5. Strengthen your image and unite your customers

By customizing your products, you can offer original and unlimited options that reflect your brand's image.

6. Benefit from a new source of income

By offering different variations of text and images on a common item, you can attract a wider audience and increase your customers' average shopping cart!

Bonus: Offer a unique in-store customer experience
Necklaces, key rings & accessories… And what if your customer assisted in the customization of their purchase? The Gravotech personalization machines, M20 and WeLase, are designed to make engraving fun, and the object becomes unique during a memorable experience.


Retail personalization: an asset for your store

The personalization of objects in store or online is a trend. It allows you to diversify your offer by bringing a strong added value to your products.  Much more than a trend, personalization answers a growing demand: to customize store products. Engraving allows you to meet this need!

The market for jewelry, perfumes and other gifts can be very competitive, whether in stores or on the web. At the same time, desires are evolving to put emotion back at the heart of objects by making them unique: this is the Expression of Things by Gravotech! Don't wait any longer, stand out with a personalization offer!

How to start your business?
Gravotech offers complete support, from the identification of your needs to the choice of the engraving solution, the installation and training of your teams.


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