Materials specialized for rotary engraving machine

Industrial signage engraving and cutting

Locate, identify, and indicate areas, risks, information, and regulations in industrial environments.

Industrial signage includes all visible elements, often standardized by law or codes, used to designate environments, spaces, hazards, or general information within potentially demanding technical settings. All industries are mandated to display technical and safety signage

Permanent signage marking ensures enduring legibility over time, ensuring optimal safety for all workers. 

Gravotech offers comprehensive industrial signage solutions, including engraving machines, materials, and accessories, designed to withstand harsh conditions and meet stringent requirements.

If you are looking for equipment nameplates for the identification of industrial machines or vehicles, take a look to our dedicated page.

Our solutions for industrial signage

Our extensive selection of engraving materials provides compatibility with industrial environments, as well as a vast array of color combinations to meet diverse needs.

We offer a wide choice of material thicknesses (from 0.025 to 10mm) and constitution (foil, ABS, PMMA, aluminum, brass, rubber).

>Our industrial-grade engraving materials boast technical features for longevity, including UV, abrasion and chemicals resistance.

Additionally, we offer specialized ranges tailored to specific applications:  

  • Gravoxal and Durablack are ideal for applications requiring metal panels. 
  • Gravostrat and Gravoply 3C comply with current regulations. 
  • >Flexilase, Gravofoil, or Stickalase are designed for labeling curved surfaces.

Nota Bene: 
In industrial environments, it is sometimes necessary to prove certain technical characteristics or that the product used complies with certain regulations.
Find all our technical data sheets, safety data sheets and certificates of compliance on our dedicated page.

Which applications in industrial signage?

Area identification labels play a crucial role in guiding employees by clearly identifying the different places or spaces. 

Work areas, storage facilities, safety zones… Area identification labels are essential for efficient navigation, ensuring operational effectiveness both indoors and outdoors. 

Our Gravoply Laser range is ideal for these applications, with a strong contrast and resist to chemical cleaning product.

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Gravoply™ Laser - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Create warning and prevention signs to meet normative requirements. These requirements often use standardized pictograms, colors, and shapes to convey important safety information effectively.

Whether it's indicating hazards, emergency procedures, or mandatory safety measures, warning and prevention signage plays a critical role in maintaining workplace safety standards. 

Gravoply™ 3C has been specially designed with its 3 layers for the production of danger and warning signs.

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Gravoply™ 3C - Engraving material - Gravograph

Cables & pipes labels clearly mark the nature of liquids and materials circulating within networks. 

By providing accurate and precise labeling, industries can effectively mitigate risks and enhance overall productivity. 

The implementation of comprehensive signage solutions facilitates easier maintenance and troubleshooting processes, streamlining operations and minimizing downtime. 

When it comes to identifying valves and taps, it's more often appropriate to use labels and tokens suspended from a chain.
These products are available in our consumables catalog.

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cables & pipes identification examples

Designed to identify technical elements in industrial environments, ID labels and tags have to fit perfectly into their environment: in dimensions, weight and fastening. They also have to hold up to certain conditions: resistance to UV rays, solvents, abrasion and impact.

Despite all these potential attacks, they must remain clearly legible in all situations. Laser or mechanical engraving is the ideal solution to ensure perfect information legibility and long durability of the tag.

Made from plastic, aluminum, anodized aluminum or stainless steel, ID tags and labels are used in the automotive, aerospace, IT or even telecom sectors.

ID Tags engraving

Informative signs & technical plans help identifying various technical elements within storage or production environments, such as inventory labels and technical synoptics. 

Informative signs and technical plans ensure clarity and efficiency in industrial operations by providing detailed information about inventory items, equipment specifications, or production processes.  

Gravoxal™ - Engraving material - Gravograph

Responding to regulatory & environmental constraints

Flexilase™ - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Engraving materials colors

Gravotech's materials are meticulously designed to align with regulatory standards and codified colors, ensuring compliance with industry requirements. 

For instance, our Flexilase™ sign material is specifically crafted to meet the European CPL law, making it an ideal choice for pipe identification applications.

Adhering to prescribed usage colors also helps maintain clarity and readability of information.

If you require other color combinations, please contact us to request our on-demand color service.

Our materials on demand service
Gravostrat™ - Engraving material - Gravograph

Harsh environments

Signage materials must be carefully chosen, especially in harsh environments.  

  • Choose non-flammable materials in environments with a fire hazard, such as Gravostrat™; 
  • Select lightweight signage materials for aerospace applications; 
  • Opt for chemical and solvent-resistant engraving materials for industries with high levels of contamination; 
  • Finally, choose materials resistant to weather conditions (such as wind, UV radiation, or salty air) for outdoor signage.

For example, nuclear power plants, railway rolling stocks and submarines are among the most demanding environments in which Gravotech materials are used.

Gravotech's tips and advice

Even untreated metals, like anodized aluminum, can be effectively marked using a CO2 laser in combination with specially formulated colorants such as Metal Marker G or Cermark. 

This offers a practical solution, particularly for occasional needs, as a single machine can address a wide range of requirements. 

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Metal Marker G 黑色激光打标 ID 铭牌

Maximize your productivity and efficiency with Gravotech solutions. Our Cut To Size (CTS) service offers a comprehensive solution to meet your labeling and token needs precisely. 

From custom dimensions and shapes to specific hole placements, we cater to your exact requirements. With the labels and tokens delivered to your specifications, all that is left for you is to proceed with the engraving process.

Did you know? We already offer dedicated ranges for the electrical switchboard signage market!

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Gravoply™ 1 - Engraving material - Gravograph

Most of our engraving materials can be ordered with an adhesive or even magnetic backing to facilitate the installation of signs made with them.
But sometimes, especially in industrial environments, it's not always easy to mount with adhesive or magnetic backing.

We offer a wide range of alternative fastening methods for signs, labels or tokens, whether permanent or temporary:

  • ball chains
  • S-shaped key-rings or rings
  • plate holders for pipes
  • hose clamps

All these fastening solutions are available in our Consumables catalog.

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Labels & Tags

Dedicated software features

Use our Gravostyle™ engraving and cutting software to effortlessly create batches of industrial tags. Design your label format once, then utilize the Matrix mode to replicate it as a template on your material sheet. 

Engrave and die-cut your labels endlessly, with no material waste. 

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Gravoply™ 1 - Engraving material - Gravograph

Do you need to produce a large number of labels, each with customized information? 

Import the text to be engraved on your labels and easily produce them in large quantities, thanks to the use of variables in Gravostyle™. 

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Gravoply™ 2 - Laser engraving material - Gravograph

Enhance your workflow with Gravostyle™ by designing bridges on your cutting layout to create sheets of pre-cut labels. Simply cut them out by hand afterward for easy transport and storage. 

Please note that this solution is compatible with mechanical engraving machines only. 

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Gravofoil™ - Engraving material - Gravograph