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Aluplex Signalétique labels stocks

[Success Story] Aluplex Signalétique

Discover the partnership between Gravotech & Aluplex Signalétique, a major player in signage in France with an online store selling personalized items. With a growing and multifaceted demand, Aluplex Signalétique needed a diversified engraving machine and a dependable supplier of engraving material.

"Good signage must be durable, harmonious, visible and adaptable."

Yannick Torcheux, Managing Director of Aluplex Signalétique

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Personalized ferris wheel

[Success Story] Ma Fabrique Perso

Discover the partnership between Gravotech & Ma Fabrique Perso, an online boutique selling personalized objects. With a growing number of orders, Ma Fabrique Perso wanted to increase productivity and offer its customers a wide range of products to personalize.

"Gravotech was with us from the start, offering us trials… and helping us find THE machine that would enable us to engrave all kinds of objects. That's really when Ma Fabrique Perso was born."

Manon Scheffler, Founder of Ma Fabrique Perso

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Aluminium automotive part identified with datamatrix for traceability

[Success story] Fischer group

Fischer is a leading automotive supplier wishing to implement precise part traceability within their facilities.

Thanks to Gravotech's expertise and their ability to adopt simple, effective and innovative solutions, the challenges of marking parts at Fischer were met without wasting time or interrupting the production line. 

“This solution delivers all the benefits we were looking for. It provides fast, high-quality marking and allows us to replicate graphics such as Datamatrix with exceptional legibility on components.”
Marc Schweizer, Business Development Manager at Fischer Group
René FIX
ISlide product in LS100

[Success story] ISlide

Discover the partnership between Gravotech & ISlide, a footwear company that create and sell cutomized products. For their dedicated section in the New-York City NBA store, ISlide wanted to upgrade their already existing engraving solution with another machine that could have a better engraving quality, with a short engraving time and process.

“Gravotech has been instrumental to us providing our customers with customized athletic slides, thanks to their comprehensive solution – a laser machine and application-specific software."

Justin Kittredge, CEO of ISlide
Gravotech and Danfoss use case mockup (for teaser)

Danfoss use case

Discover the partnership between Gravotech & Danfoss, a leading Danish multinational specialising in heating, cooling, and machinery products. With over 40,000 employees in 100 countries, Danfoss wanted to enhance traceability, prevent counterfeiting and modernise its production line.

"We chose Gravotech because we had a good experience with their legacy lasers, as we call them. Since January 2023, our laser marking has been faultless.”
Richard Wilson

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