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Rotary materials: Plastics
Ecocut - A very affordable engraving material for rotary cutting
Ecocut – Gravotech (ex Gravograph)
Made of ABS this very affordable engraving material is ideal for rotary cutting machines applications such as shape cutting or stencils.
  • Great for rotary cutting applications, choose Ecocut to make reusable stencils for letters, numbers or logos for transportation, safety, creative crafts…
  • Create marking or cutting-out templates with a standard bi-layer engraving material can be costly: Ecocut is the monolayer material you need to cut out your reusable or non-reusable templates at the lower cost.
  • With its rough surface state, Ecocut is not dedicated to signage applications requested smooth aspect, but it is an excellent substrate or UV printing support for signage or other printing needs.


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Ecocut: capabilities

Surface engraving: ✔
Subsurface engraving: ✘
CO2 laser cutting machine: ✘
Interior: ✔
Exterior: ✘
Shear: ✔
Saw: ✔
Silk-screen: ✔
Hot-stamp: ✔
Heat bending: ✔
Scratch resistant: ✔
Flexible: ✔
Break resistant: ✔
UV resistant: ✘

Min. temperature: -40°C (-40°F)
Max. temperature: 80°C (176°F)

Ecocut: specifications

Finish :

Composition :

Ecocut: Sheet sizes

Full sheet:
1220 mm x 610 mm (48’’ x 24’’)

Half sheet :
610 mm x 610 mm (24’’ x 24’’)

Quarter sheet :
610 mm x 305 mm (24’’ x 12’’)