Engraving front panels with rotary engraving machines

High frequency spindles

High frequency spindles for engraving, cutting and milling
More accuracy and speed for your tough applications and for your difficult work in hard metals that requires high precision.
  • Improved productivity
    Even at minimal speed, the High frequency Spindle (HFS) system provides high torque for both engraving and milling. It provides maximum power to the spindle, which reduces material resistance, reduces wear and tear, and reduces twisting of the cutter.
  • High quality
    Maximum precision is guaranteed. High frequency spindles use very high precision bearings that minimize vibration, extend the life of the milling tool and provide a very high-quality finish.
  • Many benefits
    Easy to install and use, directly connected to the machine's internal wiring for full control, automatic start/stop of the spindle with the machine and adjustable speed according to the application.

Technical Specifications

The High frequency spindles have been designed for light milling, cutting and deep etching operations with high productivity.

Their system allows them to work with greater precision and speed on hard metals and demanding applications.

Gravotech offers a choice of 3 HFS with powers of 150, 750 or 1000 watts.

Power 150W 750W 1000W
Compatible engraving machines IS400

ISx000 IQ

ISx000 XP
ISx000 IQ

ISx000 XP
ISx000 IQ

ISx000 XP

ISx000 Milling
Compatible accessories Regulating noses

Chip collectors
Chip collectors Automatic tool changer
Rotational speed 5000 - 60 000 tr/min 5000 - 24 000 tr/min 5000 - 60 000 tr/min
Cutter clamping Manual Manual


Conforms to CE safety standards.

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