Gravotech - Architectural and Security Signage

Architectural signage and custom safety signage

Whatever the application, use the best quality materials to produce long-lasting quality signage.
Indoor signage

Beautiful Signage

for any building

A range of frames, sigh holders, nameplate holders, directories

Architectural signage should be both informative and elegant. Architectural frames in premium plastic or aluminum create a unique look for signs, as well as allowing for changeable messages. Gravotech offers a wide range of sign holders and modular frames, meeting identification needs for your custom outdoor signage. A range of nameplate holders, office nameplates and directories is available for indoor signage. Choose your engraving material from Gravotech’s wide selection and simply slide the engraved plate into the frame for instant modular information signage.

ADA/DDA Compliance and Braille signage

Ada Compliant Signage

and Braille signage

Creating ADA/DDA compliant signage made easy.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and DDA (Discrimination Disability Act UK) became law to prevent inequalities based on disability. Their reach extends to signage, which must be accessible to all, including the visually impaired. Gravotech has developed a complete solution to guarantee DDA/ADA compliant signage. It includes Braille signage creation wizard in Gravostyle software with automatic English to Braille transcription, patented award-winning Braille accessories for Gravotech engraving machines, and Gravotac single-layer laminate. Contact us for more information.

Mounting fixture

Mounting Fixtures

quick and easy

For rapid and easy connecting of labels, tags and plates

A selection of accessories is available for attaching engraved labels, whether temporarily or permanently. Ball chains, split rings and hooks are commonly used for a variety of applications. Accessories such as stainless-steel plate supports and steel collars designed to attach engraved labels onto hot pipes are also available. Screws, plate spacers and screw covers provide an elegant finish to all engraved signage.

Labels & Tags

Labels & Tags

ready to engrave

Safe and effective

Information, warnings, and identification labels. Push buttons, selector switches, indicator lights, cable tags... In plastic or metal, Gravotech offers a wide selection of highly durable and easy to engrave blank plates, with specific characteristics. Gravoply tags are non-conductive, Gravoply™ 1 is scratch-resistant, Gravoply™ 2 or Gravoply™ Laser micro-surface laminates allow small text and symbol engraving. We offer label custom manufacturing based on your specifications. Contact us for a quote.