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Wood cutting and engraving

Discover our wood engraving machines!

Wood is one of the most popular materials and its usages are continuing to expand, thanks to the style of wood crafts and awareness for a more ecological world.

Laser technology is the favorite solution to enhance the elegance of wood and transform it into a unique craft as it can give different engraving aspects and cut precisely. Also, it can engrave and cut a variety of wood: beech, walnut, oak, birch, bamboo, maple, pine, cherry, the CO2 laser engraver is gentle of the wood when processed, so varnish or paint can be applied afterwards.

The following wood materials can be processed with a laser:

  • Composite wood: MDF, HDF
  • Cork
  • Natural wood
  • Precious wood
  • Solid wood
  • Hardwood
  • Plywood: Veneer, Multiplex
  • Oriented strand board (OSB): fiberboard, particleboard, chipboard, flakeboard...

Main wood applications:

  • Models (Architect, hobby and craft)
  • Signs and displays
  • Trophy and awards
  • Interior Design (artistic items)
  • Toys (educational)
  • Crafts (furniture manufacturing)
  • Art: inlays, marquetry
  • Celebration (Christmas decoration, wishes and event cards)
  • Packaging and Prototyping

Our solutions, from a wood sheet, can create kerf, hinge, or malleable area to give a potential movement. It opens innovative possibilities such as large book covers, mechanisms or any complex shape.

Laser Engraving

WeLase CO2 laser engraver

A laser-cut edge will produce a burnt aspect. Gravostyle™ software, thanks to its setting library, gives the user the possibility to increase or decrease the darkness level of the edge.

In terms of engraving, there are wide possibilities: the options range from light color (low power, high speed), different brown shades to very dark (high power, 2mm defocus), depending on the wood variety and laser settings.

Photo engraving, letter cutout, name and logo personalization, prototype cut, one laser can do them all.

Wooden plaque

CO2 lasers are using the natural burn reaction by vaporizing the wood. Therefore, there is no chemical product needed or generated when the wood processed is also natural (like solid wood for instance).

Our fume exhaust benefit from high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, that remove harmful fumes and return clean air.

Wood engraving with WeLase

Wood processing with a laser generates no chip, just smoke, gas and dust that can safely be handle by a fume exhaust.

Some kinds of wood such as plywood, composite or OSB generate an important amount of fumes, gas and particles linked to the glues used.

We strongly recommend the use of a filter accessory in addition to the fume exhaust, as it will drastically increase the HEPA exhaust filters lifetime and reduce the cost of use.

Rotary Engraving

Decorations and finishes on wooden objects

The precision of our CNC wood etching machine is equivalent to the one from the laser technologies.

CNC Milling is only limited by its minimum tool size, so it can’t do the very thin details in 2D operations. However, such details can be obtained by using the 3D capacities from the machine and our Gravostyle™ software.

Indoor signage made with wood engraving machines

Contrary to laser technology that burns the wood, our rotary technology is milling the material so there is no risk of fire ignition.

Therefore, the operator does not have to monitor the equipment, which saves time.

Wood engraving signage

Milling on wood does not generate burn areas, so the color obtained after processing is the wood natural color.

This feature is particularly enjoyable when the aim is to promote the natural rough and ecological side of your wood creation.


Laser Wood material - wood cutting

Our Laserwood material is finished ready to be used that can directly be processed (engraved or cut) with no other operation needed (polishing)

Range of Laser Wood material

A choice of 4 different Laserwood: Birch (PEFC™ certified), Beech, Oak and Walnut.

With a range of thicknesses from 4.5mm down to 0.4mm and ready to work with laser (C02) or rotary or even add color with UV printing. The opportunities are endless but the choice is yours.

Discover Gravotech’s solutions

Most non-dense woods such as MDF or Plywood can be cut even with our smallest laser power. Higher power ranges can be used to cut thick wood material. Gravotech offers unique accessories ideal for Laserwood and other Plywood processing, such as honeycomb table quick clamps and clips.

Small laser engraver for all kind of engravings.

WeLase compact laser engraver


  • Marking area: 110 x 110 mm
  • Materials: Organic materials (wood, glass, leather, paper), painted surfaces, metals and plastics
  • Applications: Personalization, Identification

Small CO2 laser engraver and cutter for personalization, signage and creative.

LS100 CO2 laser engraver


  • Marking area: 460 x 305 mm
  • Materials: Plastics, wood, glass and other organic materials and painted surfaces
  • Applications: Personalization, creative and signage

Large laser engraver and cutter that can do everything.

LS900 co2 fiber laser


  • Marking area: 610 x 610 mm
  • Materials: Plastics, wood, glass and other organic materials, painted surfaces and metals
  • Applications: Personalization, signage, creative

Integrated laser system to mark organic materials.

CO2 Laser - integrated laser

CO2 laser

  • Marking area: from 70 x 70 to 210 x 210 mm
  • Materials: Organic materials (wood, glass, leather, stone, paper) and painted surfaces
  • Applications: Identification, manufacturing

Medium CO2 or Fiber laser engraving and cutting machine for signage and small series.

LS100Ex co2 laser marking machine

LS100 EX

  • Marking area: 610 x 305 mm
  • Materials: Plastics, wood, glass and other organic materials, painted surfaces and metals
  • Applications: Personalization, signage, creative

Extra large laser engraving and cutting machine for high productivity.

LS1000 large laser engraving and cutting machine


  • Marking area: 1220 x 610 mm
  • Materials: Plastics, wood, glass and other organic materials and painted surfaces
  • Applications: Personalization, signage, creative, manufacturing

    Large tables can be a nice tool for wood processing, thanks to the 750W high-frequency spindle and its large-diameter brush nozzle for easy chips evacuation.

    Gravostyle ™is an all-in-one software that allows you to create your composition and run the laser easily. It embeds a material library that will help to select quickly the best setting for your material. However, for users already trained on other software, our lasers can also be driven by third party-software (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator).

    Mossaic of personalized jewels, glass and perfume


    Make it unique, create emotions

    You are a luxury brand or an international brand and you would like to develop an exclusive in store customer experience for your clients, on your e-commerce site or during an event?

    Gravotech offers tailored solutions that will meet your needs. A dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the collaboration: discussing requirements, running samples on your products, selecting the best-suited personalization technology, solution deployment and user training.


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